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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ஆங்கிலேயர்கள் உண்மையாலுமே நம்மை அடிமை படுத்தினார்களா?

I live in India. My country is a good country and I love it!! Since India is my mother country I cannot accept everything blankly and blindly. I seek the truth.

It was depicted in school text books as if British people looted India, and took precious wealth outside of India. But the truth shows that Indians have the more black money than any other people in Swiss Bank. So, think who looted India, is it British or Indians? We look for evidences.

Evidences show that British people did so many good things to India, which was blindfolded, especially they abolished child marriage, polygamy and Sati by establishing laws. They also decentralized education to all the communities in India. But, why in the text books it is shown that they are bad people and tortured Indians in prisons? Was India really ready to attain Independence?

India had more problems in itself than created by British. India had the curse of Caste System and many superstitious beliefs. If I ask any illiterate old Indians, they don't even know that India was once under a foreign rule and got the independence. It arises question whether we were really slaves to British people as it is shown in the text books and movies.

I am sure that most politicians at the time of freedom struggle, always had the dream to go to London and get educated, if not by themselves or atleast by their families. They even studied abroad which is a common dream in India still today. They were all good in English and traveled in first class train tickets and sailed across the sea. When those people studied in foreign lands, India was fully a illiterate country. Where do they got the power and money to study in London? If their families are rich enough to sent their children to study abroad, why at least an elementary education was not even given to the people who lived in huts. If they wanted real independence they should have freed people from poverty and illiteracy. Some people from the huts went to study abroad with the scholarship from the British people, but not by any rich Indians. Those people were not even welcome by those rich freedom fighters.

So ponder, was India in British slavery?

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