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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Reality about vegetarian food!

I hear people say that eating meat will make you obese, but I wonder whether it is true or not?!!
The big animals of elephant and giraffe are vegetarians.
Most of my vegetarian friends are obese!!
Chinese and Japanese eat more pork but look skinnier than fatty Indians, who are vegetarians!!
I do not believe the nutrition facts given in books; rather I believe what I see!!
They also say that consuming meat will increase the appetite for sex
India has more population than other meat-eating countries. Do you think Indians bore baby without any sexual inducement?
Americans are more obese because of junk food-lots of fries and carbonated drinks

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sri Lankans!! Please think about the dead civilians of your country!!

Not only Rajapakse, the Sinhalese are very cruel to the Tamil minority there. They all are happy when thousands of civilians are killed. They do not care Tamil people. They are the biggest liars!! They kill civilians at the same time they will say they are operating rescue mission!! How a government can behave worst than a terrorist organization? Rajapakse will not save Tamils, rather he would kill them. He is the worst political leader!! I wonder this is what Buddhism teach Sinhalese!!

Sinhalese, care about your own people!! If you accept Tamils are also Sri Lankans, please stop the war, at least to save your won people!!

Why are you not allowing any media inside Sri Lanka? because to prove you are the worst people in the world by not allowing independent journalists!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lanka's fight with Tamil Nation!

"Lanka as a nation fails to protect its own citizen" - a wrong statement!! Lanka is not having civil war, but it is fighting against the neighboring country of Tamil Eelam. It is well known that no country would throw bombs on its own citizen, when Lanka does that we have suspicious whether Lanka considers Eelam as its own part. They do not care about Tamil people. They are having war with Tamil country, in which they are winning. Tamilians are losing the battle because of the lack of support from within and others. Lankans do not care if Tamilians are starving to death in "No Fire Zone", because it is not part of their country. They say it is ethnic war between Tamils and sinhalese, but no Tamils were given opportunities to negotiate. No Tamil envoy was there!! Mukerjee-what does he know about Tamilians, neither Sonia Gandhi nor any other central ministers who comment on the issue! They are not Tamilians, so it is obvious that they will not support Tamils. They are not even worthy to negotiate the issue. India does not bother about non-Hindi speaking Indians. They only care about their language of Hindi. I am being Indian, what can I expect from a Hindi speaking government to my Tamil people? I am a stranger when I go to Delhi, because none of them speak my language. They don't even know how Tamil letters look like? Why is this partiality? I always had problem in the capital of my own country - Delhi. My capital does not reflect anything of my language or culture!! Hindi speaking people should be good enough to treat rest of the Indians as their fellow citizen by learning their languages. How other state people are learning Hindi, in that way, they can also learn other Indian languages as a matter of choice on their own. Will they do that and bring unity in India? Will they learn their mother tongue, any other Indian language and English?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tamil Nation

Languages perish when they do not have their own country. Each language should have its own country. The countries are segmented according to their languages. Tamil may perish soon when it loses its countries. Those days we had Tamil countries like Cheran, Cholan and Pandiyan. But the sad thing is that they always fought each other. They were not united, so all the kingdoms fell down. I don't think so that people would have been happy, when Madurai is fighting with Trichy or Coimbatore. British reformed us by giving education to all communities of people. By the time they left, all Tamil kingdoms were almost perished and we turned ourselves to democratic way, which is the best way compared to those war days of Tamil kings. But what are we going to do to restore those sangam days? As those kingdoms perished Tamil will also perish?