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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lanka's fight with Tamil Nation!

"Lanka as a nation fails to protect its own citizen" - a wrong statement!! Lanka is not having civil war, but it is fighting against the neighboring country of Tamil Eelam. It is well known that no country would throw bombs on its own citizen, when Lanka does that we have suspicious whether Lanka considers Eelam as its own part. They do not care about Tamil people. They are having war with Tamil country, in which they are winning. Tamilians are losing the battle because of the lack of support from within and others. Lankans do not care if Tamilians are starving to death in "No Fire Zone", because it is not part of their country. They say it is ethnic war between Tamils and sinhalese, but no Tamils were given opportunities to negotiate. No Tamil envoy was there!! Mukerjee-what does he know about Tamilians, neither Sonia Gandhi nor any other central ministers who comment on the issue! They are not Tamilians, so it is obvious that they will not support Tamils. They are not even worthy to negotiate the issue. India does not bother about non-Hindi speaking Indians. They only care about their language of Hindi. I am being Indian, what can I expect from a Hindi speaking government to my Tamil people? I am a stranger when I go to Delhi, because none of them speak my language. They don't even know how Tamil letters look like? Why is this partiality? I always had problem in the capital of my own country - Delhi. My capital does not reflect anything of my language or culture!! Hindi speaking people should be good enough to treat rest of the Indians as their fellow citizen by learning their languages. How other state people are learning Hindi, in that way, they can also learn other Indian languages as a matter of choice on their own. Will they do that and bring unity in India? Will they learn their mother tongue, any other Indian language and English?

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  1. Dear Paul, yes Sonia ,Mugarji are not Tamils.Where is the Tamil,such as Karunanithi, Vicho,Nedumaaran, all are hippocrate, even the commn people of Tamils also.All are running before money.