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Monday, May 11, 2009

Sri Lankans!! Please think about the dead civilians of your country!!

Not only Rajapakse, the Sinhalese are very cruel to the Tamil minority there. They all are happy when thousands of civilians are killed. They do not care Tamil people. They are the biggest liars!! They kill civilians at the same time they will say they are operating rescue mission!! How a government can behave worst than a terrorist organization? Rajapakse will not save Tamils, rather he would kill them. He is the worst political leader!! I wonder this is what Buddhism teach Sinhalese!!

Sinhalese, care about your own people!! If you accept Tamils are also Sri Lankans, please stop the war, at least to save your won people!!

Why are you not allowing any media inside Sri Lanka? because to prove you are the worst people in the world by not allowing independent journalists!!!

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