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Friday, May 1, 2009

Tamil Nation

Languages perish when they do not have their own country. Each language should have its own country. The countries are segmented according to their languages. Tamil may perish soon when it loses its countries. Those days we had Tamil countries like Cheran, Cholan and Pandiyan. But the sad thing is that they always fought each other. They were not united, so all the kingdoms fell down. I don't think so that people would have been happy, when Madurai is fighting with Trichy or Coimbatore. British reformed us by giving education to all communities of people. By the time they left, all Tamil kingdoms were almost perished and we turned ourselves to democratic way, which is the best way compared to those war days of Tamil kings. But what are we going to do to restore those sangam days? As those kingdoms perished Tamil will also perish?

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