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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

India's Vengence towards Tamils!!

Tamil Tigers killed Rajiv Gandhi, former Prime Minister, how India is going to reconcile it? But the fact is, it achieved reconciliation by killing innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka.
Just for one soul of Rajiv Gandhi killed millions of Tamils!!
India voted against Tamil people in UN Security Council. What a great disappointment to people in Tamil Nadu, who think that they are part of India?!!!
How India could vote against Tamils? When Israelis killed people in Gaza, India showed their opposition, but why for Tamils, the same spirit is not there? It kept silent!!
India should have saved the innocent lives of Tamil, but didn’t want to do it, just to revenge for the murder of Rajiv Gandhi.
When a Sikh guy is killed in Austria, Dr. Manmohan, prime minister of India, here expresses his solidarity, but does not even care the millions of Tamils life in Sri Lanka?
India, what have you in store for my Tamil people? What do you give us as one of your parts? Only betrayal and the death of millions of Tamils?
Do you care the Tamil girls who are raped everyday by Sinhalese military men?
Hindi chauvinist, think about your Tamil brethren who are in the custody of Lankan military as war prisoners!!